ITALDEM GF series of crusher buckets are being used for on-site crushing of quarry and demolition material, a perfect tool for any recycling job.

Data sheet

1200 kg
1020 mm
880 mm
1635 mm
Feeder dimensions
590x370 mm
Output size
30-130 mm
SAE volume
0,35 m^3
Carrier weight
7,5-13 t
Inner diameter HP hose
19 mm
Inner diameter LP hose
19 mm
HP thread
3/4" gas
LP thread
3/4" gas
Oil flow
100-105 l/min
Working pressure
180-200 bar

Crushing material on site

Offers the possibility of crushing the material easily on site without great investments, the crushed material can be easily transported to other job sites on used immediately on site for filling purposes.

Easy mounting

Easy mounting on the excavator by means of the hydraulic hammer circuit.

All type of materials

Can handle all type of materials: stone, concrete, asphalt, mine and quarry waste.


Built for heavy-duty applications.

Highest quality

Manufactured with the highest level of quality materials according to the European Machinery Directive 89/392, using TE 510 B high quality anti-abrasive steel.

Manganese steel

The teeth and jaw made from a special steel called manganese, that is reistant to wearing and impacts.

Eccentric shaft

An eccentric shaft is being moved by a flywheel which is connected by means of several belts to a pulley of a hydraulic motor. The eccentric shaft moves a mobile jaw

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