Since the beginning, the hammer production of ITALDEM has shown a constant technological evolution, starting with the K series which included at the beginning only 6 models; but this was sufficient for the old days. The quality was on the top of the range right from the start, so that the K series stayed on the market for many years. The top seller, 1 ton hammer model K 1000 for 20 ton excavators, has been sold over the years in several thousands of units.

By the beginning of the '90s, the MK series was added to the previous range, thus increasing the number of available models to 13, with a maximum hammer weight of 2800 kg. Since the end of the '90s, ITALDEM has brought on the market its latest GK series, a high quality and innovative hammer technology line, which offers longer reliability, strength and bigger blow energy than all the previous lines, and an increasing hammer weight up to 4000 kg.

It is a recognised top quality product according to international standards, which is being distributed to a global network of customers around the world.

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