Italiademolitori srl, with a 40-year experience in the excavation sector, has developed and distributed in many countries of the world, a line of 15 new models of jackhammers, Series GK.

The entire production is characterized for its versatility and its ability to perform in the most adverse work conditions and environments.

When we refer to the jack hammer ITALDEM, Series GK, one can also speak of intelligence in such a product whereas the morphology of the rock being demolished automatically triggers the adequate force needed by the hammer as it delivers the blow.

The ITALDEM GK series offers the best solution for all kinds of demolition jobs. A comprehensive range of powerful and precisely working breakers as the result of modern technology and first class material.

Even though all hammers are built for use under water, many products are equipped with internal sound-proof walls which contribute to reduce noises to a minimum. Improvements have been also made to their shock absorbent systems whereas the old-fashioned springs have been substituted with new rubber cushions that absorb the vibrations while in use. Their high-yielding performance is the result of its weight/power correlation developed after much research and studies conducted on the material as it was utilized. The simplicity of its assemblage and disassemblage contribute to reduce considerably its maintenance costs.

ITALDEM offers:

  1. Hydraulic hammers
  2. Crusher bucket
  3. Demolition shears
  4. Steel shears
  5. Pulverizers
  6. Spare parts for all types of hydraulic hammers
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