The material that is selected by the screening bucket can be reused to establish lands without extracting extra material from caves which is more expensive, it can also be used as soil stabilizers, without any need of investing in quarry-made stabilizers.

Data sheet

1600 kg
2150 mm
1620 mm
2400 mm
Feeder dimensions
Output size
SAE volume
0,8 m^3
Carrier weight
13-25 ton
Inner diameter HP hose
20 mm
Inner diameter LP hose
26 mm
HP thread
1" gas
LP thread
1" gas
Oil flow
80-100 l/min
Working pressure
100-120 bar

The screening bucket GV-1500 is an innovative machine that solves multiple problems in the field of selection of inert materials of various sizes, of pebbles along water courses, waste material after stable demolitions, land reclamation and beaches.

The material excavated and after selected through screening and can be reused to stabilize the ground without resorting to the extracted material in the quarry, much more expensive. The screening bucket GV-1500 performs its function with the rotation of the drum, through planetary gear unit actuated by hydraulic motor; with this rotary movement of the material collected by the bucket is rotated on itself; so doing inside the screen, there remains only the size of material further to the holes of the screen used.

The particular shape of the screen allows to have a greater sieving surface that significantly increases productivity and with a higher yield than any other equipment grill.

The extreme ease of the screen replacing with various sizes of mesh (30x30mm - 180x180mm) allows a selection of various size materials with a minimum lost of time. The screening bucket goes installed on any excavator model from 13-25 tons in weight, changing only the mounting plate; It works with the system oil of the hydraulic breaker and is built in a high mechanical strength steel.

It meets the essential requirements of european standards of CEE Directive 89/392 machines, however improper use of the machine cause serious damage to people and property (General precautions for safety); has a SAE capacity of 0.80 cubic meters and can be combined with a crusher bucket of ITALDEM GF series for the crushing of bigger size of material then screen.

Increased productivity

The particular shape of the basket allows to have a major screening surface which increases the productivity respect to any other grilled type equipment.

10 times more efficient

The screening bucket is at least 10 times more efficient than any other screening device.

Minimal time loss

As it is most easy to replace the screen with another one having a different mesh, various types of screening jobs can be done with a minimum time loss.

Different mesh size baskets

The extremely easiness in substituting the basket with different mesh size baskets (30x30 mm ÷ 180 x 180 mm) allows an easy material selection in little time.

Mounted on any excavator

The screening bucket can be mounted on any type of excavator with a weight that goes from 13 to 25 tons, it is sufficient in changing only the bracket.

Crush big size material

It has a SAE capacity of 0,80 m3 and it can be combined with the crushing buckets GF-35 and GF-45 in order to crush big size material and then be screened.

Hydraulic motor

The screening bucket GV-1500 accomplishes its work with the rotating basket through a epicyclical regulator moved by a hydraulic motor; with this rotating movement the material that the bucket gathers spoils and remains only the material that is bigger than the holes of the basket.

High resistant

It works with hydraulic hammer oil and it is made of high resistant mechanical steel.

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