It can go underwater

ITFF series satisfy not only the primary demolition of buildings, vertical structures, flooring, slabs and external walls, but also for the secondary demolition of reinforced concrete materials and structures, and for recycling after separating the concrete from the steel rods.

Data sheet

Opening (A)
815 mm
Length (B)
2080 mm
Largeness (C)
460 mm
Blade (D)
200 mm
Blade tightening force (F1)
195 ton
Tips tightening force (F2)
70 ton
1740 kg
Carrier weight
16-22 ton
Max pressure
300 bar
Max oil flow
180 l/min
Cutting force at tip
120 ton
Cutting force at center
160 ton
Max jaw opening
170:810 mm

Weldox & Hardox 400

Made entirely from Weldox & Hardox 400 structure.

Protect the rod

Reversed cylinder to protect the rod from accidental hits.

Easier to handle

Innovative design which provides better grip and makes them easier to handle.

Greater efficiency

Wide opening between the two jaws combined with powerful hydraulic system which leads to greater efficiency when demolishing and reduces both working times and stress transmitted to the excavator.

Interchangeable blades.

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