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The ITALDEM GK NG series of hydraulic breakers is the most efficient answer to any demolition problem. A complete range of powerful, precise and resistant hammers, the result of high technology and first choice materials.

ITALDEM GK NG: the brand that always guarantees demolition at the highest level.

Data sheet

Operating weight
19 kg
Tool diameter
25 mm
Oil flow
15-30 l/min
Working pressure
150 bar
Relief valve
170 bar
Max backpressure
17 bar
Blow energy
70 joule
Required power
4,5 hp
Impact rate
Carrier weight
Max noise level (Silenced version)
105 db-A
Inner diameter HP line
13 mm
Inner diameter LP line
13 mm

Hydraulic efficiency

The hydraulic efficiency has been improved substituting the supplying and front discharge with a side one. Building a line hydraulic circuit, we reduced pressure loss. We have eliminated also curves, deviations and branches that were causes of frictions and turbulences.

Force and pressure increased

In order to win the high number of back-pressure in the discharge which are produced during hammer work in the new circuits, we increased the piston push force and the working pressure.

Avoid empty blow

The hydraulic hammer starts working with low pressure (about 40 bar) and with little energy, this permits to work on walls to level and avoid empty blow.

Low noise

The carcass has been re-designed. We have reduced drifts, gaps and vibrations which were causes of high noise.

More productivity

Optimizing the courses, piston velocity and hydraulic efficiency, we gained a higher number of blow which means more productivity.

Conical Tip

For general demolition work where penetrative breaking is required.

Pyramid Tip

For use where increased breakout forces are required.

X Type Tip

For use in soft or high dust operations.

Power Tip

Tool with hard code fore use in very hard and abrasive conditions.


As for Points but also where a cutting action is required, eg. trenching and benching. Note: Chisels give higher wear rates and stress levels in the retainer flat areas of the tool.

Grooved Chisel

For use in soft or high dust operations.

Wide Chisels

For increasd productivity in softer materials.

Tarmac Cutters

As Wide Chisels but with 90 degree orientation for cutting / trenching.

Rail Guard

For Deriving in rail guards.


For impact breaking, eg. secondary breaking and also scaling in mines and tunnels, etc.

Upset Blunt

Blunt with increased diameter at working and to give increased life and wear resistance.

Rammer Stems and Pads

For compacting loose ground.

Driving Tool

For driving in posts, pipes, etc.

  • Great Discounts offers for our dealers and clients with discounts up to 55% on all the products and 50% on the Spare Parts.
  • 1 Year Warranty on all of our products from the date of delivery to end user.
  • All ITALDEM® hammers are immediately available: 2 to 3 days from order confirmation, and one week for all bigger models.
  • Availability of all spare parts on stock and ready for shipment upon order confirmation.
  • Optimization option, if the client want the breaker painted in different color.
  • Organizing the shipment process with the lowest possible cost.
  • Superior services for our clients with easy communication with our skilled and multilingual team in the sales and export department (Italian, English, Arabic, French and Spanish).
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